Home remedies for burping and heartburn

Home remedies for burping and heartburn

Home remedies for burping and heartburn easily

With home remedies for burping and heartburn, a strong burning sensation in the thoracic, epigastria region is caused by penetration into esophagus gastric juice. A common cause of such discomfort is the use of food, causing increased secretion of gastric juice. Often this occurs when the absorption of fatty, spicy foods, carbonated or alcoholic beverages. There are special medicines and folk remedies against the unpleasant heat in the gastrointestinal tract and the home remedies for burping and heartburn accompanying belching.

 They are able to lower acidity at the stomach, neutralize the harmful effects of acids in the esophagus. Quickly remove the heat behind the sternum without medication is possible with the help of herbs, soda, and alkaline mineral water. To treat this digestive disorder, you need to follow a dietary fractional diet with a limited amount of carbohydrate. If you suffer from heartburn, then the drugs Rennie, Gastal, Gaviscon will quickly eliminate it.

1.Warm milk

Increased acidity in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is characterized by increased production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach: this often leads to heartburn. The burning sensation in the esophagus will quickly disappear if you drink warm milk. This product is alkaline, therefore, helps to neutralize the acidic environment of the stomach. To eliminate heartburn, drink 1 cup of warm milk after meals. It is necessary to use this remedy slowly, in small sips.

2.Flaxseed infusion

Excellent help to eliminate heartburn flax seeds. They have good soothing, enveloping properties. To prepare a therapeutic infusion of flax seeds, you must take 100 g of this product and grind. Then 3 tsp. flax powder pours 1 cup of hot water and put to infuse for the whole night. The resulting jelly to drink 1 sip before and after meals, and the rest of the infusion to drink before bedtime.

3.Baking soda

The high-speed and cheap remedy for internal burning sensation – soda dissolved in warm water. How to drink soda for heartburn? This tool is best used in rare and extreme cases, like an ambulance. To make pops from heartburn, take 1/3 tsp. soda and dissolve it in 1 cup of warm water. The prepared solution must be slowly sipped. This tool cannot drink more than 200 g per day. Uncontrolled use of soda can cause health problems: gastritis, stomach ulcer.

4.Ginger Tea Recipes

 A good folk remedy for heartburn is ginger. It has a good effect on digestion, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, and absorbs hydrochloric acid. For tea for heartburn take 2 tsp. Ginger (crushed), pour it with 300 ml of boiling water, infuse for about 2 hours and filter. Drink the infusion 3 times a day before meals, 50 ml. It will help to eliminate the heat in the esophagus and tea, made by another recipe. For the preparation of this drug take 2 parts of ginger and 1 part cinnamon. Pour 1 tsp. mixture with boiling water (200 ml), insist 5 minutes. Drink 1 time in the morning.


High efficiency gives application propolis in the treatment of heartburn. Well helps to put out the heat in the home remedies for burping and heartburn esophagus a mixture of propolis and milk. To prepare it, take 1.5 liters of fresh milk and boil it in an enamel saucepan. Then add 100 g of propolis, stir until smooth, filter through gauze. After cooling and remove the formed wax from the surface. Drink milk with propolis 3-4 times a day for about 1 month.

6.Honey and butter

With low acidity, honey will help normalize the stomach. It is mixed in the same parts with good butter. The prepared drug is used to treat a burning sensation in the chest in 1 tbsp. l three times a day before a meal in 25-30 minutes. Honey (1 tbsp. L.) Diluted in warm water (1 cup) will help against heartburn. This mixture is taken 30 minutes before meals twice a day. Perfect for treating heartburn is lime or lemon balm because it has a healing, anti-inflammatory, sedative effect.

7.Sunflower or olive oil

Vegetable oil helps to get rid of heartburn. For this purpose, it is used for 1 tsp. during exacerbation. It is possible to use olive oil for treatment sunflower seeds. These products contain antioxidants that home remedies for burping and heartburn heal and restore the gastric mucosa, then they are recommended even by doctors as folk remedies for heartburn. But only high-quality oil will be suitable for treatment. If you use a poorly cleaned product, it will lead to a deterioration of the digestive system.

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