Which diet best for me

Which diet best for me

Which diet best for me and for adults

Getting rid which diet best for me of excess weight when it’s freezing outside is much more difficult than during the warmer months – in order to feel comfortable in the cold, we eat more calories. But you should not despair, because nutritionists have developed which diet best for me a special “winter” diet.

But you should not despair, because nutritionists have developed a special “winter” diet. They will help and weight to adjust, and carry out the process of losing weight without compromising well-being. Passion.ru chose the most interesting ones. I do not know how anyone, and since I live, I live in the Crimea by the sea, and I can say that this year we have warm and simply hot days on April 28th. And of course, the swimming season began. Why all this deviation from the topic, and to say that after the first trip to the sea this year, I once again wondered what diet is better, what should I choose for myself?

I sat, read, but I couldn’t choose it either, and then I received a list from the site and just the topic that interests me, fast and effective. This is good luck, I thought and decided not to continue to wander sites in search of diets and to take and use the diet that she came to me.

She is new to me and why not try. Of course, I had proven and buckwheat and kefir-apple, and even chocolate diets, but this one was new to me and promised a quicker result. A week and up to 7kg in the minuses, why not try, right?

So the essence of this diet is that all week you have to eat a vegetable soup brewed according to a not very complicated, but a specific recipe, coffee cannot be consumed this week. A friend of mine calls this soup “snake”, and in fact, it is so, for me at least, it is. Three days after using this soup, I became like a snake, well, do not think that it is so thin and flexible, just began to sizzle at everyone and get angry (well, it’s not poisonous and didn’t bite) …

Therefore, smoothly, in the middle of the week, I still had to switch to a proven kefir diet … Although I can still tell you with certainty who loves vegetables or at least borscht, you can safely stay for a week on such a diet because there are real results. I just do not like borscht and cabbage in such a large amount. What kind of diet is better yet everyone has to decide individually for themselves.

Yes, one more thing I want to add, go on different diets on the waning moon, and on women’s days try to do fasting days for yourself. I wish your health, slimness, and beauty!

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